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Banner Management Software

Banner Management Software is a novel service which provides a unique way of displaying & rotating banners from multiple publisher networks and increase your advertising revenues. It helps webmasters in diversifying their affiliate income by giving freedom of running advertisments from multiple ad networks like Google Adsense, Commission junction or the image banner.

Affiliate networking and advertisement serving companies have proved to be a blessing for small website owners who find it hard to come by sponsors willing to fund their endeavors. Website owners get a steady source of income from affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Google Adsense or Adbirte, with the help of visitors clicking on the ads placed on the websites.

Simplification of the processes of placing ads on websites through affiliate networks has given a huge impetus to the trend of creating low-maintenance websites and generating a small, but steady income through them. This trend is particularly rising among housewives, college students or myspace users.

The Catch-22, however, is that most affiliates allow you to place banners from a single affiliate. For website owners, this means that their commission is limited to a single affiliate and the revenue is not very large.

The solution to this problem has been crafted by Display Banner places banners from a number of affiliates on your website, with their motto of helping website owners to diversify their affiliate revenue. In practice, this means that your revenue is not limited to a single affiliate such as Adsense, but comes from a number of such affiliates, thereby increasing the chances of clicks on your website. All bloggers and website owners will find this service extremely valuable, as they will increase their revenue manifolds, and without much effort.

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