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Web Development

We specialize in developing custom websites and web applications with eye catching user interface designs and robust, stable and secure back end algorithm which would thrill you & your customers. Our professional approach coupled with over a decade of experience brings us at par with the most desirable IT consulting firms around the world. At the same time, our offshore locations and low development costs clearly give us the edge over others. Utilizing latest technologies helps us stay ahead of competition, thanks to our agile learning programs and enthusiastic developers who're always ready to learn more!

Some of the services that we offer are :

Web Development / Web Design

Designing beautiful website is an art that requires creativity and innovation along with fast adaptability with the technology that has been changing ever since the dawn of Internet era. Our web designers & UI experts understand that better than anyone else, which is why our work has been recognized and applauded across the globe - not just by our clients but also by our competitors!

Web Development / Website Makeover

Our web designers will help you evaluate the faults in your existing website and rectify them so that it improves visitor retention and decreseas bounce rate, thus help you achieving your business's goals & increase sales.

Web Development / Content Management System

Our in house custom built content management system are very simple to use website administration control panel for someone with very less knowledge of web & internet. For those who are used to Wordpress, Drupal or other popuarl CMS, our CMS might be little too basic. Hence, we can also install & customize your preferred CMS for your website. We are happy to build it in a way which makes you confortable to use.

Web Development / Ecommerce

Our in house custom built content management system are very simple to use website administration control panel for someone with very less knowledge of web & internet. For those who are used to Wordpress, Drupal or other popuarl CMS, our CMS might be little too basic. Hence, we can also install & customize your preferred CMS for your website. We are happy to build it in a way which makes you confortable to use.

Web Development / Custom Facebook Shop

We help store owners sell on Facebook by creating custom stores on their Facebook business/fan page. Our unique designs will encourage your fans share your products with their friends, resulting in more traffic & sales on your ecommerce website.


Mobile App Development

The mobile solution industry is growing by leaps and bounds. With the advent of time a mobile phone has donned many utilities. It has become an indispensible part and parcel of not just our personal but our professional lives also. This has given the mobile application development industry a shot in the arm and so more and more companies are springing in, in the mainstream application development business.

Unlike others, we are not tyros, Infact Galaxy Infotech is one such quintessential player of this highly volatile industry that has been in serious business for the past ten years. Our vast industry experience coupled with assured high quality results is what segregates us from the herd. Our primary objective in this domain has always been to fulfill your application requirements while simultaneously keeping them in sync with your existing business needs...

Mobile App Development / iPhone Applications

We offer end-to-end iPhone App Development services - from iPhone App Concept Development to actual App Development. We have built a diverse range of iPhone applications. Our team innovates with applications that are creative, flexible and have high usability quotient.

Mobile App Development / BlackBerry Applications

Our team of BlackBerry App development use RIM's proprietary APIs to develop Java applications for BlackBerry. Leveraging the APIs touch capabilities and device-shifting modes, we build scalable, user-friendly apps for BlackBerry. We also utilize MIDP and CLDC libraries to rapidly build cross-platform Java apps for clients.

To know more about our Blackberry applications development methodology or get an overview of the apps we have created so far, contact us .

Mobile App Development / Android Applications

Android is predicted to be the next-gen thing in the mobile-web world. A mobile software platform and OS based on the Linux kernel, Android allows developers to create code that can control mobile devices via Google-enabled Java libraries. Our highly qualified Android application developers explore the unlimited possibilities of Android through its comprehensive set of development tools. Our Android SDK coders manipulate Google Android SDK's APIs, debugging tools, handset emulator and sample code to create effective, risk-free Android-powered devices.

Mobile App Development / iPad Applications

Our expertise in iPhone application development has evoked appreciations from clients across the globe. Our iPad development team, with their deep experiences in iPhone development has already created a strong track record in the Apple devices domain. We have good experience and knowledge in iPad custom application development using iPad-supported technologies, and are capable of delivering iPad apps using all the inherent features such as Multi-Touch interface, Location-based services, Wireless (&Bluetooth) enhancement apps, stylish virtual keyboards and more.

Internet Marketing

Just having a website it will obviously not guarantee large traffic on to your site. Like any other business, you have to promote the website to get the desired leads. Our Internet Marketing wizards will help you in the planning your marketing strategy while focusing on finding the most beneficial target audience for your business

Search Engine Optimization
Website Speed Optimization Service
Social Media Marketing
Facebook Marketing
Google + 1 (Plus One)
Website Submission & Article Writing
Pay Per Click Campaigns
LinkedIn Packages

Internet Marketing / Search engine optimization

Our Search engine optimization strategy consists of 2 stage process.
On page optimization
Off page optimization aka Link building

Internet Marketing / Website Speed Optimization Service

Are you looking to optimize your website speed, decrease the load time of web pages and improve the user experience? We can help you make your website open up faster by optimizing your HTML code, CSS scripts and many other factors that affect the performance of your website on the Internet. We optimized our company website, and increased the average speed by 5 times. Contact us now by email or call us at 0452-2528313.

More importantly, Google recently announced that the load time of your website may be a ranking factor for your website. The more faster your website loads the better rankings it may achieve on google search engine. Hence, it has become imperative that you make full efforts to increase your website speed. The speed of the web page determines how fast your site visitor access the content on your website. We researched various factors on Internet and came out with some of the best methods that will increase your website speed significantly.

Internet Marketing / Social Media Marketing

Social media is the buzzword today and everyone is spending a considerable amount of money in SMM (Social Media Marketing to the lesser known) as a part of their Internet Marketing budget....

Internet Marketing / Content Writing

Any successful online promotional campaign is 30% strategy and 70% ground work. We have a smart and skilled team of data entry clerks who are well trained to do the following:

Blogging:   an online journal or diary, usually updated from a few times a day to a few times a week. Popular platforms: Wordpress, Blogger. Micro-blogging: blog entries limited to just 140 characters; great for Mobile interaction, quick interaction, and branding. Popular sites: Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku.

Internet Marketing / Pay Per Click

PPC stands for "pay per click". It is an advertising model where businesses pay an agreed upon amount each time their advertisement is clicked on rather than each time their ad is displayed. In PPC Campaigns, advertisers usually select keywords, keyword phrases, keyword groups, or categories in which they want their advertisements to appear. A few popular networks for PPC are Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Media Ad Center.

What we do: Pretty simple. We create ads for you.

Information Architecture

Information architecture(IA) is the blueprint of your final product. Our IA team will help you visualize how your idea will transform into reality by creating flow chart diagrams....

Third Party Platforms


Analytics Consulting

Website analytics tools like Google analytics provide you with huge volume of data about traffic on your website. But it fails to show you any insight about visitor's behaviour that can help you measure your return on investment (ROI) and take informed business decisions to achieve your overall goals.

What analytics tools provide you?
 Page views  Unique views  Bounce rate
 Average time on the site  Traffic Source  Keywords

Data Integration

Our custom data integration service forms a bridge between your inventory on e-commerce platform & warehouse management system at your fulfillment center. This allows you to share information about purchases, orders, shipments, and inventory stock level with systems used by your sales, accounting, and customer service teams...