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Manual Testing @ Galaxy Infotech

If you are looking for a reliable place to test your software manually, we at Galaxy Infotech offer you a testing service which is proven and highly reliable. We can test your software manually for detecting defects, and check for completeness, correctness, quality of the software developed. We understand the importance of software applications in the successful and efficient running of your business. Therefore we take it as our mission to deliver positive results by employing the best software test engineers, choosing the right methodology and by following the right process. Our team test engineers are well qualified and experienced and are one of the most competent in the manual software testing industry.
Before stepping into any level of QA Testing, the preliminary level should be a Manual Testing Phase. Choosing Manual Testing as an initial level of Testing is extremely important to every desirable Projects or Products Testing, which helps as a stepping stone to advanced levels of Testing and understanding the

 Scope  Purpose
 Identifying the Gaps in Requirements  Identifying the Usability Issues
 Identifying Potential Risks etc    

There is no complete substitute for Manual Testing. Manual Testing is a mandate for meticulous Testing of software Applications. The Initial Phase of Testing is Very Important, during which there would be several issues including build's stability, blockers etc. Due to which Manual Testing becomes a significant part of Primary System Testing.

Abstract on some of the Manual Testing Framework followed in Galaxy Infotech QA are:
 Test Strategies  Requirement and Design Analysis
 Test Plans  Test Implementation
 Test Execution & Results  Defect Management

Galaxy Infotech Manual Testing Framework can be used extremely dynamically with respect to Agile Methodology of Projects/Products Development. Galaxy Infotech QA Group has being on an Agile Project team where in the software requirements are always changing. Galaxy Infotech has expert knowledge and experience in dealing with Agile Project Testing & Scrum Model Testing Implementations.

Based on Scope, Purpose, and Vision of any Software Project/Software Product the Galaxy Infotech Test Service identifies required Manual Test Approach and Strategy, which fits to the proposed Software Project/Software Product Testing.

Different Testing Phases Performed in Galaxy Infotech QA

Unit Testing
A series of stand-alone tests are conducted during Unit Testing.

Integration Testing
Pragmatic method and meticulous approach to building a product by continuous testing.

System Testing
It is Black box testing and purpose of System Testing is to validate the application accuracy and completeness and make sure that it mimics the real scenarios. System Testing tests all components and modules that are new, changed, affected by a change, or needed to form the complete application.

It is carried out with User Perspective Scenarios, where testing moves from the hands of the IT department into those of the business users.

Different Types of Testing Performed in Galaxy Infotech QA

Black box testing
Internal system design is not considered in this type of testing. Tests are based on requirements and functionality.

White box testing
This testing is based on knowledge of the internal logic of an application's code. Also known as Glass box Testing

Functional testing
This type of testing ignores the internal parts and focuses on whether the output adheres to the requirement or not. Black-box type testing is geared to functional requirements of an application.

Sanity testing
Testing to determine if a new software version is performing well enough to accept it for a major testing effort.

Regression testing
Testing the application as a whole for the modification in any module or functionality.

Usability testing
User-friendliness check.

Compatibility testing
Testing how well software performs in a particular hardware/software/operating system/network environment and different combination s of above.

Comparison testing
Comparison of product strengths and weaknesses with previous versions or other similar products.

Alpha testing
In house virtual user environment can be created for this type of testing. Testing is done at the end of development. Still minor design changes may be made as a result of such testing.

Beta testing
Testing typically done by end-users or others. Final testing before releasing application for commercial purpose.

Benefits of Manual Testing:
 Accomplishes Superior Quality.
 Reduces Business Potential Risks.
 Ensures that the Delivered System or Software meets with Client Requirements.
 Shrink the Cost of Short Term Projects
 Integrating Quality Activities with Overall Software Development Cycle, Organizations

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